Mother and Daughter, Passionate about Design and Fashion, Restless and Admirers of Manual Work and Colombian Crafts Decide to Get Out of Their Routines to Create PALMA CANARIA.

MONICA ARBELÁEZ, Administrator With Over 20 Years of Experience in the Banking Sector, and JULIANA QUINTERO, Business Administration Student with Emphasis on Marketing, Create Together PALMA CANARIA, to Shape Their Creative Visions and #AmorPorLoNuestro.



Their talent,disposition and creativity make our craftsmen, invaluable people, who deserve the opportunity to show their potential and versatility through pieces made with natural fibers, leading them to luxury and contemporaneity.

For us, Fair Work and Recognition become Fundamental Pillars for Engraver, a way in which the artisan feels satisfied and the best of himself to transmit his culture and tell his story, to the world.

Each piece of PALMA CANARIA has a story to tell, from a Colombian craftsman who puts all his talent so that natural fibers take the form of a unique, fun and versatile accessory.

It is a brand that reaches women of all ages, and who want to feel that they have obtained a piece made exclusively for them.

Our Messages Try To Expand Joy, Humor And Desires To Live And Like Many, The Love We Have For The Beach And The Sea.

Integration with Colombian Culture is an essential part of PALMA CANARIA, as we want to highlight it in the eyes of the world, show its beauty and variety, and above all the reinvention that it can have through modern design.


CARRERA 11 # 86-32 OFICINA 502
+(57)314 406 9091 / +(57)1530 9161 BOGOTÁ, COLOMBIA